Sentient Singularity Theory

The Theory of Every0ne

What is a "fundamental theory?"

A “fundamental theory” is a recognizable, describable, predictable, and applicable pattern that occurs in all instances of super-subjective observation, and an explanation for such a pattern.

Sentient Singularity Theory:

Sentient Singularity Theory is a fundamental theory created by Tyler Goldstein that describes the totality of existence as a singularity of sentience that is creating additional sentient singularities within itself.

These additional singularities of sentience or self-aware beings are arranged into a nested quasi-periodic fractal pattern of stacked holonic structures. This pattern forms a single self-reflective knot of perception heading an assembly body that integrates multiple entangled strings of information.

Sentient Singularity Theory assumes the fundamental building blocks of the cosmos to be sentient beings, and that sentience is the universally defining and animating feature of everything in existence. Sentient Singularity Theory posits that space, time, matter, force, shape, and other observable phenomena within spacetime are emergent from the motivations, interactions, perceptions, and cognitive constructs of sentient beings.

Beyond the beginning, Sentience Exists,

Existence is Sentient, and Sentience is One.

“The search for Truth is the search for Universality,
the search for Universality is the search for Symmetry,
the search for Symmetry is the search for Beauty,
but the Truest Beauty is always the Searcher,
and the Truth of the Searcher is that
they are Symmetrical to the Sought”

- Tyler Goldstein

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