This is a collection of some of my more focused video content.

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Theories of Everything: The How to Guide

This was an entry into the PaCE1 Physics and Consciousness contest put on by the YouTube channel / podcast: Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal and,
where it was very highly rated.
In the video, I cover the following questions:
How should a fundamental theory be defined?
What are the applications of a fundamental theory?
What goes into deducing, describing, presenting, judging, and testing a fundamental theory?

Lee Cronin & Lex Fridman: Assembly Theory,
Evolution, Life, Academia, Sentience, & God

This stream is about a discussion between Lex Fridman & Lee Cronin on Assembly Theory and criticism in academia.
I discuss how Sentient Singularity Theory relates to Assembly Theory across many topics.

Tyler Goldstein & James Sirois: Sentient Singularity Theory, God, Meaning, & Finding the Fundamental

I was recently interviewed by James Sirois on my work regarding Sentient Singularity Theory. James is a philosopher and filmmaker. We had a great conversation about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of theories of everything. We discuss some of the details of metaphysics, God, meaning, and finding the fundamental.

Escaping our Academic Institutions

Can we be freed from the shackles of institutions that have become too incompetent to do good, too corrupt to be swayed by truth, and too powerful to be overthrown by competition. What is next for science?

First Presentation of this Project

This is the first video on the project thathas since become "Sentient Singularity Theory".What is a theory of everything?What is the Universe? What is consciousness?What is entanglement? What is matter?

How was the Universe Created? Is 42 Really the Answer?

Did God create the Universe? How did math emerge?
Is 42 really the answer to Life, the Universe,
and Everything?

Unifying the Fields and Leaving Babylon Behind

Why has science stalled? Why can't we make sense of anything in our world? Because we are in Babylon. We have created divisions where they don't exist. It is time to truly unite the fields and find the promised land.

The "Hard Problem of Consciousness"

What is the "source code" of everyone in the Universe? Was Tesla right? In this video I will show you the mathematical and philosophical code of all growth, calculation, observation, and consciousness.

The Universal Fiber Bundle

What is the Universe? In this video, I will begin to show my models of the Universe and the Double Helix Multiverse Chain that it is part of, all wrapped up in a fiber bundle, and it is beautiful. If you want to know what a fiber bundle is, you need only to look in the mirror.

God is an Irrational Number

Some people say that God is a "man in the clouds",
but could God be more mathematical than magical?
Is there a difference?

God is a Good Theory

Why can't modern physicists tell us anything meaningful about the creation of the Universe?
Who and what is God?

Has Technology Doomed Us?

Is technology the fruit of the tree of knowledge?
Is humanity doomed by our technological development?
Can a technological sentience be created?

Dancing Universe

This is an another animation of the Universe dancing that I put together with the help of Garrett Lisi's Elementary Particle Explorer of E8 and other clips I found online.

Sentient Singularity Theory: Animated

This is the animation of the cosmological
models in Sentient Singularity Theory put to music.

The Metaphysics of Marriage

I discuss how the marriage structure holds fundamental reality together, and how my marriage has taught me more than any class ever could about: metaphysics, physics, biology, politics, and every other field.