If you believe that Sentient Singularity Theory and its associated work is valuable,
here are three ways that you can get involved and actively support this project:

1st - Join the Theory of Every0ne Discord community -

This is a great community of creative, dedicated, humble, and supportive people. I host an informal weekly voice call every Thursday evening that is open to all members of our discord community. The topic of the call is also always open.

If you would like to join the Theory of Every0ne Discord community,
let me know in a private message on the Theory of Every0ne Instagram
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2nd - Become a Patreon supporter -

Researching Sentient Singularity Theory, creating Theory of Every0ne content, funding my proposed experiment, engineering the digital application that is currently in the works and that applies the constructs of Sentient Singularity Theory
requires a significant financial and time investment.

I am currently working on changing the benefits available to patrons, and I will be updating the tiers soon. The new benefits tiers will be more focused on personal one on one communication with all Theory of Every0ne patrons.

If you are able to financially support this work and would like to become a patron,
you can do so at the link below:

3rd - Content Engagement -

Public engagement with is the most important and easiest way to support Sentient Singularity Theory, Theory of Every0ne, and all other projects related to this work.

Follow the Theory of Every0ne profiles on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
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Subscribing to the Theory of Every0ne YouTube channel linked below is the best way to follow this work. I livestream every Tuesday evening with a live chat you can participate in. Make sure to hit the notification bell to be informed when new content is published:

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The implications of this work undermine many academic & institutional narratives.
Academia & other institutions will always attempt to suppress ideas that undermine their message.
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The Truth wins, but we can help that happen by staying in touch.

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