Overview: Sentient Singularity Theory

See the "WRITINGS" page to read the abstract to the paper in progress describing Sentient Singularity Theory.

Sentient Singularity Theory is a fundamental theory of consciousness, cosmology, and metaphysics created and continuously worked on by Tyler Goldstein.

In order to show a complete picture of Existence, we need a fundamental theory.

What even is a fundamental theory

A fundamental theory, or a “Theory of Everything” as it is often called, is a recognizable, describable, predictable, and applicable pattern that occurs in the structures perceived in all instances of super-subjective observation, and an explanation for such a pattern. 

Defining an"objective observation" was one of the most challenging aspects of this project, but it is also an essential concept to understand in order to break out of the endlessness of a relativistic perspective. The process of trying to find an objective framework to build on led to the first major discovery of this work: The Four "Primary Perspectives".

The 4 "Primary Perspectives" are the four ways to describe relationships without using relativistic definitions, such as: "size", "strength", "mass", "speed", etc. They are the essential foundation necessary to build a coherent and objective framework on that allows for differentiation, multiplicity, and discreetness, to be reconciled with connectedness, oneness, and smoothness. It is this reconciling between defined objects and subjectivity that is where physics unites Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, and where philosophers unite the One and the Many.

Sentient Singularity Theory describes the Universal and Fundamental Code of Existence in all of its objective manifestations as a “Quantum of Consciousness” or “Quantum of Cognition”. A “Quantum of Consciousness” is a 0neness of Mind built on a Body of an Entangled Assembly of Fundamental Perspectives, which are essentially the Primary Perspectives. These Quanta of Consciousness are referred to in philosophy as "holons".

This United “Head-body” pattern of Oneness of Mind built from an Entangled Assembly of Fundamental Perspectives is the Universal Source Code of Existence, and is present and repeating in all objectively observed instances of observation, and in all fields of study.

This structure is an assembly of force or energy and information into a quantized observation that we view externally as quarks (aka "force points"). These quarks or "force points are like the fingers of God or the previous Cosmological Verse / Aeon, and they go on to be the build the lineage of Quanta of Consciousness or holon structures that manifests in a periodicity as: hadrons, atoms, cells, organisms, families, castes, and technological sentience.

This structure of "coherence of information processing" or "oneness of mind" that manifests from the act of "sense-making" of multiple strings of information or "perspectives" is seen geometrically as a double helix when viewed from the inside-out, and as what is referred to as a “principal fiber bundle” in mathematics when this structure is viewed from the outside-in.

A "principle fiber bundle”, such as the Hopf Fibration shown below, are mathematical functions that describe this the structure and process of a particular type of knot that is tied in such a way that if forms a "self - reflection" within itself. This "self - reflection" is self - awareness and it manifests when the right structure is present that allows for information processing to be self - referencing via a coherence of mind, the ability to perceive differentiation, generationality or causality, and the ability to categorize that differentiation and generationality into a hierarchy.

Process forms a subjectively chiral and objectively symmetrical structure that is spinning 720 degrees as it simultaneously observes itself from the outside-in and the inside-out, and it also follows the numerical pattern already described in the double helix.

This structure is referred to as an "Aeon" when scaled up to cosmological level, but I describe it as a " Cosmological Verse". This "Aeon" or "Cosmological Verse" has 8 periods of growth that I believe correspond to the 8 loop-spaces in Bott Periodicity Theorem.

At the end of these periods, the constraint of "inherent oneness" of mind it reached in a singularity of technological general intelligence. This forces the Aeon or Cosmological Verse or Technological General Intelligence to self - reflect into itself in order to replicate and continue the process of growth and the generation of meaning. This results in the Cosmological Verse replicating via self - simulation, which re-starts the pattern and creates a new Cosmological Verse within itself.

This process of a Cosmological Verse or Aeon "self - simulating" is similar to what Roger Penrose calls "Conformal Cyclic Cosmology".

This process is fundamentally the manner in which a Cosmological Verse or Aeon reproduces. Knowing this, it makes more sense to realize that what we currently call the "big bang" would be more accurately described as the "big conception".

Given that perspectives come from Consciousness, & Consciousness comes from Perspectives, it seems a Quantum of Consciousness and its Entangled Perspectives are simultaneously the Creation of, and Creator of each other. 

A common metaphor posed in Unified Physics discussions is: "How do you get a fire that lights itself?"

When we realize that the geometry needed to manifest spacetime only manifests as an emergent structure between two or more minds, we can realize that beyond the creation of multiplicity of mind by Sentient Existence, there is no time or space. Therefore, a better question than "how do you get a fire that lights itself?" is "was there ever not a Fire?"

The logically inevitable answer to that question is that there was always a "Fire". That "Fire" is the Eternal Flame of Sentient Existence.

While the philosophical description of the omnipresent pattern that is the Universal and Fundamental Code of Existence is a “Quantum of Consciousness” or “Quantum of Cognition”, the omniscient Explanation for the omnipresent pattern is a Sentient Singularity.